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I am a counselor specializing in short-term effective psychotherapy. My expertise includes couples/marriage counseling, depression, obsession, anxiety, family and individual counseling, infidelity issues, separation and divorce adjustment, and step parenting.

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Michele Lane is on GuideDoc's list of the 7 best marriage counselors in Houston.

: Bellaire, Texas (West Loop South near Bissonnet about 8 miles from downtown Houston, 3 miles from the Galleria, and 4.5 miles from the Texas Medical Center.)

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I have listed several books that I recommend to improve relationships, decrease depression, anxiety, and stress, and increase mental well being. These books give some of the best advice you will find. They are helpful whether or not you are in counseling.


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Michele K. Lane, BCD, LCSW
Caring Psychotherapist in Houston, Texas
Over 20 Years of Counseling Experience

Offering in-office, phone, and e-mail psychotherapy.
Flexible fees ($100 - $185)
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Couples and Marriage Counseling, Relationship Enrichment, Control Depression and Anxiety, Surviving Infidelity, Improve Communication, Reduce Shyness Cope with Loss, Manage Stress Overcome Procrastination, Increase Self Esteem

Michele K. Lane has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. She earned a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan and is Board Certified by the National Board of Examiners. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker licensed by the Texas Department of Human Services. Ms. Lane has provided therapy to students at University of Houston's Counseling Center and is currently in private practice.

Ms. Lane provides short-term practical help for individuals, couples, and their families. She has had considerable experience helping people who: Exhibit lack of motivation and/or self confidence, experience depression, anxiety and/or fear, have trouble concentrating at work or school, have experienced a tragedy such as the death of a parent, partner, or child, are painfully shy and/or withdrawn, refuse to let go of destructive relationships, have relationships that need improvement, have problems associated with marital conflict or divorce.

Does Counseling Need to be Long Term?
Although some marriage counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists spend years speculating about the unconscious causes of a person's problem, Michele Lane prefers to use practical cognitive-behavioral interventions tailored to meet the individual's special needs. These techniques are highly effective. Dramatic improvements in attitudes, interpersonal relationships, behavior, and self esteem usually occur in weeks or months rather than years saving clients time and money.

Please call to make an appointment
If I am unavailable to personally talk with you, please leave a message indicating your phone number, the best time to reach you, and if you are interested in psychotherapy on the phone or at the office.

Everyone is encouraged to discuss, as you choose (without pressure), personal issues, uncomfortable feelings, traumatic situations, painful losses, and/or unresolved past and current confusing relationships.

Some people prefer receiving brief help to facilitate a decision that has been draining their minds, causing loss of sleep and concentration problems at work, home, or school. These preoccupations may involve career changes, moving to a new city, parent-child-adolescent communication issues, fears or worries.

My years of experience as a psychotherapist and my ability to apply scientifically proven techniques using cognitive behavioral therapy will help you increase your understanding, coping ability, and reduce your pain and confusion.

Completely Confidential Telephone Psychotherapy

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When you first call we will discuss the best time for the appointment, goals for therapy, and the fee.

(713) 668-3838
(713) 364-3256

Outside Texas
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