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Michele Lane BCD, LCSW is a psychotherapist in Houston who offers counseling to the gay and straight communities. She has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. She earned a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan and is Board Certified by the National Board of Examiners and licensed as a Master Social Worker-Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Texas Department of Human Services. Ms. Lane has provided therapy to students at University of Houston's Counseling and Testing Service and is currently in private practice.

Clients of all sexual orientations, genders, religions,races, and ages are welcomed by a caring, non-judgmental, compassionate, highly skilled psychotherapist who has been successfully helping clients for over 20 years.

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What types of issues symptoms, or concerns are helped by going to a non-judgmental psychotherapist?

anxiety: fears, panic attacks, phobias
depression: feelings of futility, loss, grief
relationships: meeting new people, letting go to destructive relationships
couples counseling:improving relationship, enhance intimacy, communication, drop bad habits
coming out: family, career, work, peers

Does therapy have to be long-term?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Many clients report satisfaction after 2-6 sessions.

Does therapy have to be expensive?
No. Clients have been pleased with my flexible fees and payment plans. Non-insured rates are set on a sliding scale that reflects the client's income and ranges from $75 to $150. Many clients have insurance where the co-payments range from $0 to $30. If I am not a provider in your network, I may be able to become one. Many clients have persuaded their managed care companies to give me a temporary provider status.
Click here to see the insurance networks I am on.

Will my employer know the issues that I discuss?
NO! All sessions are absolutely confidential. Although some insurance/managed care companies require a diagnosis, treatment plan, goals, you will be in charge of approving the plan and goals that are written. Managed care companies are not permitted to release this information to your employer.

What happens with couples who come in for counseling?
All therapy is done in a private comfortable office (unless the client chooses tele-therapy). All couples are counseled individually for the first two sessions. It is important that the partners get a chance to discuss privately his or her history, symptoms, goals, issues freely and openly, without fear of retaliation, conflict, or emotional strife from the other partner. As a psychotherapist, I strive to understand comprehensively the ups, downs, special influences, losses, traumas, assets, vulnerabilities, and goals discussed in your life history. This facilitates my ability to mediate (when you meet together) and develop individualized, constructive interventions which will, help you both overcome painful obstacles and improve your relationship.

Do most couples come to improve their relationship? If not, why do they come?
Although many people come to tune up or save their relationships, some are ambivalent or confused. Some come in after a crisis in the relationship. For example, one partner discovers that the other has been cheating and is uncertain if he or she can ever survive this betrayal. Not all relationships are healthy for the individuals, particularly where one member is a victim of physical and/or emotional abuse, or has felt controlled, stifled, or unable to express his or her identity, feelings, or personal beliefs. Some are fearful of making changes, moving on, and obsess "I've grown accustomed to her/his face." Psychotherapy can empower you to feel confident and make the decision that is best for you. Those who have chosen to separate after carefully and therapeutically preparing,, and given up abuse, oppression,depression,and regret and have survived with hope and spirit, and have celebrated their healthy renewal.

How do we begin therapy?
Call or email me to make an appointment. If I am in session, please leave a detailed message, making sure to indicate your phone number and the best time to contact you, on my confidential voice mail. I, Michele Lane, am the only one who will return your call to discuss your concerns,questions, my approach to counseling, appointments, and fees. No secretaries or answering service will ever have contact with you or answer my phone. Only when I am on vacation, you will have the choice of contacting another psychotherapist who will be available for emergencies.

Completely Confidential Telephone Psychotherapy

Follow this link for details about my phone therapy.

When you first call we will discuss the best time for the appointment, goals for therapy, and the fee.

(713) 668-3838

Outside Texas
888 3-ADVISE (888 323-8473)


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Mailing Address:
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For those in Texas who want an office or telephone appointment-

Call (713) 668-3838

For those outside of Texas who want a telephone session call toll free central time 10am-10pm seven days a week.

888 3-A-F-F-I-R-M
888 323-3476

Payment method
For telephonic therapy sessions Visa and MasterCard

For office visits personal checks and cash are accepted.