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Comments from Clients and Colleagues

Phone Therapy with Woman Professor
"Michele's counseling supports the recent research that cites the effectiveness of telephone therapy. I live in a rural area where face-to-face access to skilled psychological counselors is limited. Telephone therapy with Michele was the perfect alternative. Her professional competence has been a major factor in my improved peace of mind and life balance after prolonged and severe work stress."

Woman Recovering from Spouse's Infidelity and Subsequent Divorce

"I credit my turnaround in recovery from a shocking and unexpected divorce to Michele’s skill in helping me to change some of my ways of thinking and affirming me as a person.  Her ability to listen, show empathy, but still impart ways to deal with this crisis, gave me the tools I needed to move ahead quickly.  She also had a very holistic approach to helping me, caring about physical well being, and financial needs as well as mental and emotional health.  She has a special talent for adding humor where needed and using it as a powerful tool.  I would recommend her services highly and have shared her name with other family members.   I am very grateful for her help and know she is there for any needed “tune up” in the future."

Husband Who Felt Unappreciated
"I felt so inadequate in communicating feelings to my wife. It always turned into an argument until I used some of the techniques you taught me in counseling. I'm not perfect, but I sure have learned how to express feelings in a sincere. manner and to avoid stepping on land mines."

Optimism in Spite of the End of a 30 Year-Marriage
"As I leave TX to start a new life in MD, I thank you for your invaluable help as I moved through this most difficult life transition.  In our first session, you allowed me to express my grief over the end of my marriage, but continued to encourage me that it was now about me, and you asked me hard questions about what my plans were for the future.   You gave me confidence that this was a process, and that you would help me through the process, but that I could do what needed to be done.   It was concrete, positive, and constructive....there is no wallowing here, just staying in the moment, and moving forward, while acknowledging the trauma.   When I was feeling my lowest, I would make an appointment, and the knowledge that I had the appointment would be as a light glimmering in the distance....I knew someone was there who would listen and validate me, and  my pain, and then tell me I could get through it.   As dignity and a sense of humor is my mantra, I was able to tap into your humor as well, and we actually had some good laughs over certain ridiculous incidents.  Had we not had that connection, it might not have worked for me.

As my physical symptoms worsened, from shock, and an inability to sleep, the referral to a doctor who could prescribe medication was much appreciated.   He was quick to reply, and quick to see me.   While no longer necessary, the sleep meds were invaluable at a time when many difficult decisions needed to be made with a clear head.  I felt I was part of a team, who were all about helping me.

The constructive worksheets for my now ex husband and myself were helpful, but if only one is willing to do the work, then it is fruitless.   But, having said that, that work gave me good insight into our problems.  In addition, you were able to, in a kind way of course, let me know when my expectations were unrealistic.   When my ex husband did what I perceived to be an unkind act, making me angry, you asked me that given the situation, how could he have done it any differently?  That made me realize that you were right, and I was able to let it go.  Perspective, kindness, validation, humor and most of all confidence building.  Thank you for all of that, and for the gentle shove down the path on my new, and exciting, journey."

Couple on the Verge of Divorce
"Michele you really saved our marriage. We learned how to talk and even how to fight fairly.We no longer provoke each other viciously; instead we have been reliving that ole love that brought us together"

Woman whose Life was Boring and Lonely
"I thought that I was boring; I was alone, tired all the time, irritated easily. In a few sessions you helped me out of my miserable way of responding to people and events. I now can initiate contact with less fear of rejection, have developed some new interests, and even have the energy to explore more!"

Woman who Experienced Sexual Abuse as a Child
Michele is an excellent therapist. She has helped immensely with self esteem issues and has been a great cheerleader. She is very supportive and has lots of experience with a lot of subjects. She makes the person feel totally at ease.  She is readily available through e-mail and by the phone.  She is a very caring individual who always has your best interest at heart.  She encourages self empowerment and can illustrate this well in her own life.  The e-mail availability and the phone availability really helped when going through a rough time where help was needed right then.  She always calls back and is so supportive. She is such a supportive individual. She is so non-judgemental and very personable.  There is not enough that can be said about the support that Michele Lane offers.

Woman with Social Anxiety
"Michele's guidance and coaching have been instrumental in my recent progress towards overcoming some very deep rooted problems. Case in point, for many years I have suffered from high levels of social anxiety during professional meetings. This year, my experiences in these settings have become much more positive as a result of my sessions with Michele and her advocacy of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques."

Teacher Regarding Suicidal Student
"One of my high school students had attempted suicide, and the reaction of the rest of the students caused me to be very concerned for their emotional well being. Michele Lane spoke to my class. Her very calm, caring, and sensitive manner helped my students feel free to express their feelings openly. She helped each of them to diffuse and channel their emotions appropriately."

Director of School Mental Health Services
"Michele Lane is one of the most outstanding clinicians with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Children, staff, and parents are drawn to her because of her warmth and sensitivity. Her manner inspires trust and confidence, and her sincerity is beyond question."

Principal of Elementary School
"Mrs. Lane's assistance was invaluable. It was extremely beneficial to have a licensed professional with comprehensive clinical training and sensitivity to provide in-depth diagnostic screening, crisis intervention, individual and group therapy, resource referral, and consultation for students and staff."

Teacher of Troubled Student
"Ms. Lane dealt with the children in a loving, yet professional way. The girl I referred was deeply troubled and barely functioning. After several months of counseling she showed more confidence, is happier, and more interested in school. Her attendance has improved dramatically."

Mother of Sixth Grader whose Father had Died
"I have really noticed a change in my son's disposition. He opens up to me more, and has finally starting to joke again. Counseling really worked!"

Woman Who Finally Let Go of Being Abused
"I can't believe that I put up with him for so long! I finally thought enough of myself to leave. I will never tolerate abuse again. Thanks for inspiring me to believe that life could be fulfilling on my own!"


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